MonthDecember 2008

Linux commandline lessons

  • df -h tells you about your devices’ storage usage
  • du -sh <directory> gives you an idea how much space a directory is using
  • Logfiles are your friends, until one day they become your enemy and eat up all storage
  • To truncate a file (remove contents), just use >/var/log/log.file

WordPress URL rewriting

Understanding how WordPress rewrites its URLs is not as easy as Apache’s mod_rewrite. It is much easier to instead use available plugins as a baseline if you were to take advantage of the WordPress URL rewriting engine. This plugin that provides an easy hack for these rewrites should do the job. I know I’ll be using it one of these days.

Free PHP webhosting

For those who just started playing with PHP programming and would like to try their skills without spending on a paid hosting service, here’s five providers that serve PHP pages for free!

jQuery magicpreview plugin

With our regular search for useful jQuery plugins, the magicpreview plugin should be useful for real–time manipulation of the DOM. One real–world use for this is for comment previews and similar things. Nice.

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