MonthMarch 2009

More lightboxes for JQuery

Just today while looking for new JQuery plugins, I ran into two interesting lightbox options. ColorBox is a lightweight option with some useful additional features; jboxed is another option that does things a bit differently with a unique navigation style not too common for most lightbox solutions.

Linux tips

Having just done some work on a Linux webserver, here’s some articles I recently used to make tasks just a bit easier.

A PHP Class For Facebook Application Developer

Planning to create your first Facebook application? This PHP class would be very useful.

Date with Javascript

Linux tips every geek should know

Related to the previous Linux–related entries we’ve had before, here’s a robust list of things about Linux that many of us should know. They’d be very useful especially when you’re bashing away at the Linux shell.

Web developer links

Free fonts with previews

This compilation might just be one of the most useful listing of fonts you can use free of charge. And the good thing about this is excellent work they put into creating preview images for all the fonts they listed. Useful.

Using jQuery for UI & Navigation

Some useful links for UI and navigation, utilizing jQuery:

The Lightbox Clones Matrix

Too many lightbox thingies to choose from? I personally like Shadowbox for the many things it can do but there are several others that do well for certain purposes. To help you find the one that fits your needs, the lightbox clones matrix lists the popular options along with its dependencies, capabilities, and the actual library size you’ll be adding to your markup. Helpful!

Javascript Pull Quotes with jQuery


jQuote is a jQuery plugin that enables you to do old–school print–style pull quotes without redundant markup or images. Just by simply denoting the pull quote from the original text, using simple <span> tags, you get instant big and floated pull quotes! You’ve got to see it for yourself.

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