First step in using WordPress 2.6

Every other sites has reported on the release of WordPress 2.6, just like I did in my other blog. However, there’s something we are all overlooking — what are we supposed to do once we install/upgrade to 2.6?

Well here’s my first step: go to Settings → Writing and under the Remote Publishing options, make sure you uncheck the two fields named Atom Publishing Protocol and XML-RPC (you can’t miss them, there’s only two of them) if you don’t use them at all. If you have no clue what they’re there for, chances are you don’t need or use them at all and you can safely keep them disabled. This step is a must to reduce any possible security holes in your site as they have been a favorite target for hackers since the early days of WordPress.

WordPress 2.6 & Plugins

WordPress 2.6 is almost here with the availability of Release Candidate 1, so if you’re a plugin writer you might need to see some changes on how plugins behave in the new version.

WordPress 2.3 Plugin Compatibility

With the upcoming release of WordPress 2.3, be sure to check this list of compatible plugins before rushing out to upgrade your WP install. You just might bog down your own site if an essential plugin turns out to be incompatible.

Zeldman uses WordPress

Zeldman: Why WordPress?

After almost eleven years of hand–coding his used–to–be–daily thoughts on web design and standards, Jeffrey Zeldman finally succumbs to using a content management system for his weblog, “the daily report.” WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg proudly writes on his weblog about this milestone, a significant one for the blogging platform.

The famous designer was quick to state that choosing WordPress was not based philosophical/political or technical merit, but rather simply says: “I use WordPress because I like it and it works for me.”

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