Feedback through AJAX

I’m sure you’ve seen little [+] icons at the bottom of popular webpages. These things are feedback mechanisms powered by OpinionLab, a service that aims to rate a page’s usefulness. Now it would be nice if we had something like it for our little sites, right?

Enter the aptly named AJAX Feedback Mechanism which mimics the same functionality through AJAX. The good thing about it is you can download it now and implement it on your site with minimal tweaking. The provided demo will likely convince you that you need this for your next big web 2.0 thing. 🙂

WordPress Monkey

WordPress is really the “in thing” nowadays that even old school favorite webmonkey has a site building article using the popular blogging software. Theme installation and customization is pretty much covered along with a brief intro on WordPress plugins, nifty little extensions that could make or break (literally!) your site.

This new article almost coincides with the recent release of WordPress 2.0.3 which addresses several bugs and important security concerns. If you’re running the WP2 codebase on your site, be sure to get this maintenance release.