JQuery 1.2

JQuery logo.

Yes, JQuery 1.2 is out. If examples around the web and our previous coverage didn’t entice you enough, this one should:

JQuery UI logo.

jQuery UI signals the start of a whole new branch of the jQuery project which will focus on developing high-quality, reusable, components that you’ll be able to drop in your applications. Frequently, these components are coming directly to you from traditional jQuery plugins, but with strict coding, documentation, themeing, and demo standards. We hope you’ll enjoy this new level of quality as much as we do.

Good stuff.

WordPress 2.3 coming September 24

WordPress logo. With the weekly update to the 2.3 beta, WordPress 2.3 will be available as a final release on the 24th of September. Several bugs were fixed in the period between Beta 1 and Beta 2, and more should surface and be fixed before the final release is made available for public download.

WordPress users will be pleased with additions and improvements in this version, namely:

  • Tagging
  • Improved Post and Draft Management using filters
  • Improved publishing workflow with a new post status of Pending Review
  • WordPress and plugins upgrades available notification

To help in the beta program, download the latest beta and report any bugs or problems you may find. For developers, note that there are some database changes for this version, and plugin compatibility should be checked. Here are more notes on WordPress 2.3.