Slicehost VPS Hosting

I recently mentioned in my personal blog that I’ve just moved most of my sites to a virtual private server over at Slicehost, I just think I should share my thoughts about it here on this development–related blog. If you have a handful of weblogs with more than a trickle of traffic, and you’re looking for reliability, getting your own VPS hosting is the best way to go. VPS hosting gives you the flexibility you need without the compromises of free hosting.

I got my VPS running in just a few hours or so by using this excellent guide from MENSK Technologies Corporation, it was good enough for my needs with just the bare essentials: PHP, MySQL, Nginx. Yes, I opted to ditch Apache for Nginx and have been very satisfied ever since.

If you’re looking into moving up from your aging shared hosting account, consider a VPS. You will be happily rewarded. 🙂