Regular Expressions for Beginners

I must admit that as a PHP programmer for several years now, I can get away with most PHP functions and libraries, but I’m rather weak with regular expressions. I’d rather code it in some other way not utilizing ereg() or preg_match(). But don’t fret, I tried brushing up on them and these links might be just as useful to you:

If you’ve got more to share, leave a comment to us know.

WordPress Monkey

WordPress is really the “in thing” nowadays that even old school favorite webmonkey has a site building article using the popular blogging software. Theme installation and customization is pretty much covered along with a brief intro on WordPress plugins, nifty little extensions that could make or break (literally!) your site.

This new article almost coincides with the recent release of WordPress 2.0.3 which addresses several bugs and important security concerns. If you’re running the WP2 codebase on your site, be sure to get this maintenance release.

Re-introduction to Javascript

Many of us have been doing web design for several years now, and have probably mastered XHTML markup and CSS–based designs. In fact, some of us have gone through all the approaches in web design, including the spacer gif days from not too long ago.

Of all the related technologies, Javascript has probably been the least understood. We would use readily available scripts and slightly modify them to our needs, though rarely do we code them from the ground up. With the varied browser implementations and compatibility issues, learning Javascript has never been an easy task — but it’s never too late. Simon Willison’s aptly titled article “A (Re)-Introduction to JavaScript” is very informative and should help you get up and running with client–side scripting. I’ve been reading it for several times now and understanding Javascript has been a somewhat easier task.

Javascript in Ten Minutes

Javascript in Ten Minutes

Every web 2.0 developer understands how AJAX and other interactive methods work. Unfortunately, many of us have learned this through toolkits or code libraries that are mostly “plug and play” by nature, failing to impart the basic lessons in client side scripting. “Javascript in Ten Minutes” should help you learn the topic allowing you to fully understand and enhance the scripting libraries you currently use.