Creating a Plurk Bot Using PHP

I’ve always wanted to create a bot for automated postings to Plurk just to get my karma rising, but I never got to coding it. Besides, that isn’t exactly acceptable behavior as some would see it. But here’s a complete guide to creating your own plurk bot using PHP.

PHP: Keeping Things Simple

A lot of PHP programmers with moderate coding experience tend to get into the trap of “frameworks”. Usually, a newbie learns more and knows enough to create his own CMS, after which he “discovers” that a framework solves a lot of repetitive coding. Sometimes, it does. But you don’t really need all that.

phpFlickr allows you to many things with …

phpFlickr allows you to many things with your Flickr photos using your own PHP–capable server. flogr is just one of them.

Programming languages for the web are on …

Programming languages for the web are on the rise, though I wonder why it took them this long to conclude this.

If you’re using the latest MAMP (1.7.2) …

icon_mamp If you’re using the latest MAMP (1.7.2) on your Mac for your development server, the easiest way to change the MySQL password would be /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password YOURNEWPASSWORD.

PHP 5.3 will allow you to create namespa …

PHP 5.3 will allow you to create namespaces for your classes, constants, and functions. This allows for better context while avoiding naming collisions without the funny prefixes we typically use.

Here’s a Singleton Pattern implementati …

Here’s a Singleton Pattern implementation in PHP tha will surely come handy in your projects.

Free PHP webhosting

For those who just started playing with PHP programming and would like to try their skills without spending on a paid hosting service, here’s five providers that serve PHP pages for free!

Another JQuery Image Cropping plugin

In our last post we mentioned Jcrop, a JQuery plugin that gives your web applications the ability to crop images.  We found another script that comes with PHP to make things even easier for you! Now this would make its implementation even quicker than you can complain about it.

Image charts using PHP


pChart is a PHP library that will help put nice graphical charts in your applications. And the best thing about pChart is that it’s free unlike other similar solutions. Another advantage is the quality of the generated graphs that puts non–free solutions to shame.

I’m sure this will come in handy for future PHP projects.

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