I just came across jQuery, dubbed as “New Wave Javascript.” Going through their documentation and tutuorials, it appears that jQuery attempts to change the way people write javascript, an abstraction layer of sorts. This can be helpful for rapid development, enabling various client–side scripting capabilities with just a few lines of code. Unfortunately, I think the effort made in learning jQuery can be devoted to learning Javascript, a skill you’re supposed to learn anyway if you’re into web development. But then again, learning a new library for your scripting arsenal will increase your stock.

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  1. […] cssQuery is a javascript library that provides an easy way to access DOM elements, without the need for focusing too much on transversing the document’s elements. More developers are more adept in CSS than in Javascript, making this a useful tool for those fairly proficient in CSS. cssQuery may be considered similar to jQuery and Behaviour, which somehow change the way we approach browser scripting. […]

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