CrossSlide: Image slideshows in JQuery

DHTML/Javascript has always lagged compared to Flash when it comes to image slideshows. For some reason, Flash just handles the transitions and image handling better. I guess this can be attributed to Flash’s animation roots. But there are some Javascript–based slideshows that manage to do a decent job — Smoothgallery is one of them. Now comes CrossSlide, a JQuery plugin that pushes the limits of DHTML–based slideshows. What used to be almost exclusive to Flash like the Ken Burns effect, it can do it too! It can do smooth transitions, panning, and zooming.

Some caveats though: CrossSlide is more CPU–intensive compared to other similar implementations. This downside is somewhat negligible considering today’s multi–core processors, but it’s good to know about it’s limitations.


  1. Dear, good afternoon.
    CrossSlider.js with Database Access.
    I am using the jquery plugin “CrossSlider.js”. The directories of the images are stored in database Access. I need to learn as passing those roads of images for the function shown below, automatically. Thank you, Adim.

    var $a = jQuery.noConflict()
    $a(function() {
    fade: 1
    }, [
    src: ‘Propaganda/sand-castle.jpg’,
    href: ‘’,
    from: ‘100% 80% 1x’,
    to: ‘100% 0% 1.7x’,
    time: 3

    }, {
    src: ‘Propaganda/banner3.jpg’,
    href: ‘’,
    from: ‘100% 80% 1.5x’,
    to: ‘80% 0% 1.1x’,
    time: 2

    Loading …

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