Notes on @font-face

In my struggle playing with @font-face at my personal blog, I’ve learned that right now, it really isn’t worth it yet. Unless if your design really requires it. Here’s a bunch of links I’ve used while trying it out though:


  1. As the writer of one of the articles posted above, I would like to play the friendly devil’s advocate and say now is the perfect time to start using font-embedding. Sure, there are issues (I remember when adding images was a controversial thing to do on a website – what size was right, how do you optimize them, what file type is appropriate for the job at hand, how many colours should the image havem etc), but learning how to use the technology now makes us so far ahead in the near future.

    • For certain types of sites, it might be acceptable to use font-embedding now as well as other breaking technologies. However, I think sites that cater to a wider range of visitors might find font-embedding still too complicated and unstable at the moment.

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