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The recently released iPad and the iPhone have been revolutionary devices that change the way we access the web. As a result, web designers should be aware about the typeface options in both devices so you can properly declare them in your stylesheets without unnecessarily digging into @font–face embedding.

Font Squirrel’s @font-face Generator

Converting fonts to make them better suited for CSS @font-face use has not been exactly easy—until now. Free font library site Font Squirrel has just launched a @font-face generator! Their tool might just be good enough for web designers looking to take advantage of @font-face embedding, allowing for various tricks like subsetting to reduce a font’s file size and make it ideal for web use.

Go on, try it! Just make sure you use a font that allows for for @font-face embedding.

Firefox 3.6 will be supporting WOFF, the …

Firefox 3.6 will be supporting WOFF, the Web Open Font Format that will make @font-face embedding more straightforward.

Notes on @font-face

In my struggle playing with @font-face at my personal blog, I’ve learned that right now, it really isn’t worth it yet. Unless if your design really requires it. Here’s a bunch of links I’ve used while trying it out though:

This page is an example with what you ca …

This page is an example with what you can do with Firefox 3.5’s support of @font-face. Wonderful, isn’t it?

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